Signature Facial

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8At our clinic, there work the estheticians who have learned under the best experts in cosmetology and have absorbed a great number of skin care techniques. Thanks to that our center could develop our Signature Facial and we are ready to introduce it to you. Our Signature Facial is a smart mixture of different treatments that will let you have the skin of your dreams.

We make use of combination treatment that provides a repairing effect on the damaged skin from different aspects and provides patients with a procedure for the skin the can refresh it by eliminating any harmful debris and dirt that usually cause blemishes and other skin problems.

Why exfoliation is important

Every procedure on your way to beauty is important. The ultrasound exfoliation in our Signature Facial happens to be one of the most important ones along with microdermabrasion. With the help of this treatment, you can open up you clogged pores deeply and remove any impurities that might have got stuck in there. Those impurities might include dead skin cells, excess oils, debris, dirt. Not only they keep your skin from breathing and absorbing oxygen but they also cause irritations, acne, blemishes, and other annoying problems.

After you open the pores you can also ensure that the creams and other skin care products we use penetrate the skin well which will increase their effect on your skin. Because when you pores are clogged many treatments cannot get deep enough to start acting on the lower layers of your skin. Thus the effect is superficial and rather short-term. Once the way is clear though they can enforce their healing powers at full strength and stimulate your skin to synthesize the needed compounds for its good looks like collagen or elastin!

What is the procedure like

First, we clean the skin of any makeup that might be left on the surface of the skin and start exfoliate the skin using either ultrasound or microdermabrasion (depends on your own taste!) to get the pores open. After the exfoliation, we moisturize the skin with the help of hydrating masks. After that, the final stage of the procedure approaches which is LED therapy and lifting with micro-current.

So as you see, our Signature Facial includes all stages of skin treatment to get the look of your dreams without large pores, hyperpigmentation or any other skin issues. It cleanses the skin, hydrates it and then provides it with a lift that can be called a “workout” for your skin. Contact us today to start looking like a Hollywood star!