Eyeliner Tattooing

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$595/per session

Permanent makeup has become really popular as it allows you to feel pretty even without applying any makeup right after we wake up in the morning! So it became popular not only with women but also with men! Our estheticians have mastered all the best techniques of permanent makeup and microblading which helps them create a beautiful natural look that makes you even more beautiful.


You are not sure what permanent makeup is? We can say with certainty that it is an art! An art mixed with medical science. The process is quite similar to getting a tattoo but since we are talking about eyelids it is also a quite dangerous craft. That is why it is essential that a real professional does it.

Most women use eyeliner in their arsenal of makeup. It makes your eyes pop and the gaze becomes really alluring. Usually, women use black eyeliner but some also like a more natural look using skin-tone pencils or colors that highlight the color of their eyes.

As a result, you can create a very sexy cat eye look with black eyeliner or you can just highlight your natural features of the face making you look more innocent and gentle.

However, there is one problem with eyeliner. It can be very hard to make a fine straight line. And then you need to make an identical line on the other eye! Especially if you are in a hurry this becomes mission impossible! Furthermore, if you are not careful and rub your eyes (or maybe you were watching a movie that made you cry) it gets really messy and you will need to fix it. Which results in you running to the WC to reapply the eyeliner.

That is why turning to permanent makeup can become a real solution for those who do not want to bother with these things anymore.


The pigment is applied under the surface of your skin just like a tattoo. Since the procedure is performed on your eyelids it can hurt. However, it will save you your precious time and nerves when you will be preparing to go to a party or a date!