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What is Laser Hair Removal

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What is Laser Hair Removal

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What is Laser Hair Removal

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Botox is a cosmetic procedure that helps you smooth wrinkles and look younger after a few injections. The effect can be seen in just 10 minutes and it can last up to 4 months.

A specialist determines which muscles of the face you use most and make tiny injections into them and this improves moderate and some severe frown lines.

Where do you apply botox?

Treating crow’s feet

These wrinkles are most common and thanks to Botox that works like neuromodulator prevents the muscles responsible for these wrinkles from contracting. Since the muscles cannot move the area around your eyes remains almost completely smooth.

Reducing the jawline

The muscle that is responsible for chewing also can make your jaw look too big and square-shaped. It is called masseter muscle and with the help of botox, you can minimize the square-like look.

Smoothing the forehead

When we are surprised and upset we raise our brows or furrow them in a frown and get wrinkles on our forehead. And after years they become more and more visible. With the help of botox, you relax the muscles and make your forehead smooth again. You just go through a quick treatment and see the result show within a week and then you do not need a new procedure for another 4-6 months.

Lifting for eyebrows

If you want to lift your eyebrows without any surgical intrusion you can try botox on it. It is more subtle than surgery but it makes you look natural.

Smooth your neck

With age, our neck loses its smoothness, there appear wrinkles and lines that indicate our age. Botox can help you return the young look.

Remove bunny lines

After consulting with your doctor you can find out whether botox can help you get rid of bunny lines on your nose. After that, you can get some injections and get the young look you missed so much.

Getting rid of chin dimples

Mentalis muscle is located on the tip of your chin and it is responsible for the movement of your lower lip, if it is too active, however, it can also cause chin dimples. Botox can help fix it.

Helping with excessive sweating

If you don’t want to go through surgery but you are suffering from excessive sweating of your armpits, palms, and feet, you can use botox to block the nerve signals that stimulate it. Thus the discomfort is stopped quickly and effectively.

Botox is not recommended if you:

  • had some other injection in the area
  • allergic to some ingredients
  • pregnant

Interaction with other medicals (make sure to let your doctor know the medicine you are using):

  • Antibiotics like Gentamicin, Tobramycin, Clindamycin, and Lincomycin
  • Medicine for heart problems like Quinidine
  • Special medication for different conditions.