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Ever dreamed to improve the frown lines without surgery and changes to the whole face? Desport injection can help you with that while leaving your facial muscles fully functional allowing you to make any facial expression you want in untreated areas.

How does it work?

As years pass by we often frown or raise our eyebrows which might leave wrinkles on our faces. All you need is 1 injection into 5 special points on the face near the eyebrows. It will block the signal that your nerves transmit to the muscles which will reduce muscle activity and prevent it from contracting for some time. As a result, your face won’t be able to get the frown lines in the first place!

Why do you get frown lines?

With age our skin loses its elasticity but the activity of our facial muscles remains the same. Thus the repeated action of brow muscles will not let the skin smooth properly and the frown lines will get deeper and deeper.

Of course, sometimes frown lines can appear in a young age, especially in those people who has dry skin type or mixed skin type and frowns our get surprised a lot.

The help Dysport provides

It can help with medium and severe frown lines while keeping the original look of the face. Furthermore, the untreated muscles will continue to work normally so you don’t have to worry about appearing expressionless.

Men can use it too

Men can have this problem just as often as women do and everyone wants to look good. In case you’ve noticed that your frown lines are getting out of hand, you can try Dysport to deal with them!