Lip Tattooing

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$595/per session

As we age we start to notice that our lips lose their color and feel the need to get that color back. Of course, some people just want to make their natural lip color brighter and there is no shame in that. Because once you started using permanent makeup you can save so much time on the fact that you do not need to constantly apply lipstick on your lips.

This procedure is popular with both men and women all around the world. And they are in the right hands at our center! Because our estheticians have trained well and learned the best microblading and permanent makeup techniques from the world’s best experts.

What is permanent makeup?

Some say it is a way to stay beautiful even after a rough night, however, we believe it to be an art. It is not only about getting pigment under your skin, it is also about making your lips, eyes or eyebrows look natural and beautiful.

Lip tattooing

With the help of permanent makeup, you can get a natural color to your lip while letting them make an impression on everyone. It really helps those who want a well-defined outline for their lips or make the shape more enhanced and full. There is a whole palette of colors you can choose from that can make your lips look gentle or sexy, all depends on your wish! We can also change the shape of your lips a bit and make it perfectly symmetrical. Our experts pay attention to every detail and always take your desires into the account which helps create the perfect look for every patient.