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In our time of stress and haste, we dream of looking well-groomed and stylish under any circumstances and at any time of the day, while not using too much cosmetics. For those who choose permanent makeup, this dream easily comes true. Micro pigmentation is not only an alternative to the daily application of cosmetics but also the ability to correct the shape and color of the lips, eyebrows, to give clarity to the lines, to correct an uneven or blurred contour.

Permanent eyebrow makeup begins with an assessment of the face in general and eyebrows in particular, as all this affects the choice of pigment shade and techniques of permanent makeup.

There are three main techniques of permanent eyebrow makeup:

  • hair technique
  • shading technique
  • combined technique

The essence of the hair technique is drawing of the thinnest lines imitating real hairs in the direction of growth. The shading method can create the effect of eyebrows, slightly tinted shadows: you get gentle eyebrows that look very natural. The combined technique provides for a delicate background with painted hair creates the effect of volume: this method is suitable for clients who have very rare eyebrows.

Lip correction with micro pigmentation is one of the possibilities offered by aesthetic cosmetology in our time. Along with the popular methods of introducing fillers, permanent makeup took its place as a way to correct the volume, asymmetry, shape, and color of the lips. Currently, the main trend in the technique of permanent makeup is getting a natural result.
During micro pigmentation of the eyelids, the space between the pages on the upper and lower eyelids is filled, giving volume and thickness to the eyelashes.

Permanent makeup for men should look absolutely natural: no bright colors and clear contours – only thin lines, soft strokes that only emphasize the natural beauty and masculinity of the face.